Well Being Scan

Purpose of the scan: Baby well-Being Scan is for women who want to have a look in at your baby during 14 -39 weeks to the term of their pregnancy also we will check baby’s position and position of the placenta and give you an estimated weight.

Baby well Being Scan 15 minute appointment time and With this scan, we will do a free look at the baby in 3D at the end and if the baby is in the right position we are only too happy to give you 3D scan pictures but sometimes the baby will not be in a great position for 3d and in this case, we will give you some 2d pictures instead.

  • 10 minute scan which includes growth measurements
  • Estimated baby weight, the position of baby
  • Freelook at baby in 3D
  • If baby is in good position 3D black and white pictures will be printed and if not then 2d will be printed instead.
  • No full bladder is needed
Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment with a face covering and 1 guest only. £59

Price is £59. NO re-book appointment with this scan.

Scan Package Information

The Baby Skan is one of the most experienced providers in the UK of the 4D bonding scan. All our scans include a foetal well – being check, are medically approved and provide follow – up opportunity via phone and email. For you, this means that our 4D service is both affordable and safe, which ever of our scans you choose, you can be sure babyskan 4D is professional, reassuring and complete.