Fetal Health Check

Available from 16-39 Weeks

Price £59
Scan Includes

  • Fetal diagnostic report
  • Head circumference measurement (available from 16 weeks)
  • Abdominal circumference measurement (available from 26 weeks)
  • Femur length measurement (available from 16 weeks)
  • Estimated fetal weight (available from 26 weeks)
  • Gender confirmation if required
  • B/W Pictures printed

15 Minute appointment time

*Gender determination is possible 16+ weeks. If you want to know your baby’s sex, you should ask the sonographer at the start of the scan. During the COVID-19
outbreak you should only attend scans for a medical need, such as to check how baby is developing. If your sole motivation is to find out the sex of your baby, you should not attend a scan.