Bronze 4D Scan

Bronze 4D Scan package

We are now allowing up to 4 guests to come and enjoy your scan with you this also includes children.

Purpose of the scan: Bonding, Reassurance and foetal well being, available from 24 – 30  weeks gestation ( 21 – 24 weeks for multiple pregnancies).

Bronze 4D package 20-minute appointment includes

  • 15 minute scan time
  • 4D Video clips and 3D pictures (GOLD IMAGES) to your mobile phone.
  • No full bladder is needed.
Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment with a face-covering . £95

Your partner must sit on the chairs provided in the scanning room and away from the sonographer.


Pregnancy: £95.00 – Twins: £95.00

4D Scan Packages Information

The Baby Skan is one of the most experienced providers in the UK of the 4D bonding scan. All our scans include a foetal well – being check, are medically approved and provide follow – up opportunity via phone and email. For you, this means that our 4D service is both affordable and safe, which ever of our scans you choose, you can be sure babyskan 4D is professional, reassuring and complete.

With the expertise of our baby skan sonographers we have captured many precious moving images including waving, yawning, smiling, kicking, arm stretches, eyes opening and sleeping. However, please remember our sonographers can only show you what your baby is doing at the time of the scan.If the baby is in the wrong position then you will be invited back for another scan to try again however if your baby is still in a bad position on the second scan then we do keep the deposit payment.

What does the 4D image depend on?

  • your baby’s position
  • position in the placenta
  • Amount of amniotic fluid around your baby
  • Size of the mum to be

Please remember our sonographers can only show you what your baby is doing at the time of the scan and we are unable to actually make your baby do something they don’t want to do.

Please be aware With all our 4D scans the optimal time is between 24 – 28 weeks of pregnancy. If you choose to come over 30 weeks there is a strong possibility that we will not get your 4D scan.