Maternity Care in Hospital

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) have expressed the importance of continuing to receive antenatal care during the Coronavirus outbreak:

“It is really important that you continue to attend your scheduled routine care when you are well. If you have symptoms of possible coronavirus infection, you should contact your midwife to postpone routine visits until after the isolation period is over.”

Baby Scan Photos & Video clips Direct to your Mobile

Here at the BabySkan we are always looking at ways to add Value and improve Your experience with us.

So i am pleased to say as of Today i have brought the future to the here and now with Tricefy.

We can now send your photos & Video clips we capture direct to your mobile device at the click of a button.

You too in turn can share them with your loved ones near and far from your mobile device.


  • At the time of your Scan simply choose between prints or having the photos sent to your mobile device.